The FreeForceĀ 
Together with Pascal Boogaert and Taco Zuidema and we launched The Freeforce in 2009. Carefully selected freelancers. Recently Pascal stepped back and we are very proud to have Machteld Rijnten and Anouk Stofmeel in the new Board. In 2013 Freeforce became an official non-profit foundation. Freeforce formed an official partnership with UNICEF to support their eductational programs.
After six years we professionalised The Freeforce into an official non-profil Foundation, and asked members to contribute a yearly donation. Two big steps which give the Foundation a solid base on which to go to the next level,and stay innovative. Together with Board members Anouk Stofmeel, Machteld Rijnten and Taco Zuidema a lot a works has been done behind the scenes. There was of course the yearly Cannes trip, the new website, the new logo, the website launch party, the August borrel, the The Big LeBowkski Xmas Dinner Bash. Thanks everyone for making it an unforgettable ride.
Brand: The Freeforce
Award: Adformatie: Good initiative
Award: I Love New Work: Good initiative
Award: 200 Freelancers awarded it with: Good initiative
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