The Voice of Holland Thuis Coach app
During 2011, I was leading part of the creative team at IceMobile for serveral months. Working together with Sander Ejlenberg, Ralph Cohen, Tim Krengel, Joost Jongbloed, Karlijn van den Berg and the entire IceMobile team to make great new apps and mobile services. The Thuis Coach (Home Coach) is a mobile game for the television show The Voice of Holland, enabling users to make predictions before the show and to interact with the show during live broadcast. IceMobile has created the concept, as well as fully designed and developed the Thuiscoach app for both iPhone and Android. What a great company!
Brand: Vodafone, Talpa, RTL
Agency: IceMobile
Award: Silver Spin Award 2012
Award: ADCN 2012 Finalist
Award: AMMA winner, Esprix & San Accent Finalist

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