Heineken Rugnummers EK 2012

Together with TBWA Neboko's ECD's Bas Engels and Yacco Vijn, I helped create the Heineken Rugnummers campaign for Euro 2012. A free football shirt with a unique number on it was your key to become legendary. By connecting your number to your facebook account you could upload photos of your legendary support for the Dutch national team an win tickets to the games every day. The campaign featured TV ads, a viral with 2 million views, and daily print ads featuring UGC content from the facebook app. It became the biggest beer band on Facebook in Holland. It was great to work closely with the TBWA Neboko team including Simon Neefjes, Patricia Pahladsingh, Jascha Hoogendijk, Jeroen Konings, Joerie Bakker, Jan Jesse Bakker, Desmont de Kousemaeker, Benjamin Leleu, and Bente van der Ark. Photography by Ruud Baan and Jan Hibma. Brand: Heineken Agency: TBWA Neboko​​​​​​​ YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktGnqyL8ZgA Award: Facebook Studio Award Winner 2013 Award: Spin Award Winner 2013 Award: San Accent Award Winner 2013

Heineken Rugnummers Euro 2012

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