Niet Alleen
Yehaaaa! My second book is out, and is in all Dutch bookstores today. ‘Niet Alleen’ (Not Alone), is about my walk ‘thru’ New Zealand together with Sunny and Unicorn. Nine months of intense writing and working together with my publisher Eva Reinders and Lynn Plagmeijer of Fontaine Uitgevers….and yes, there will be an English version coming in a few months. Hopefully a German, French and Czech version will follow just as The Great Alone. The trail provides. Happy hiking.
The Great Alone
My book, ‘The Great Alone’ was published by Gestalten and  launched in 100 countries in 2019. Please send me an email if you wish to receive an English or German (ALLEIN) copy of the book:​​​​​​​
The Dutch book ALLEEN was launched in 2018. Fontaine Uitgevers presented the first copy of ALLEEN in het Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam’s Museum of modern art) November 2018. It was great to finally have the book in my hands and share it with my family and friends. ‘Van Go in Het Stedelijk' was a dream come true to exhibit my paintings that feature in the book, just one room from the other Van Gogh, along with his mates Cézanne, Picasso, Chagall and Christo. To order a copy please send an email to: