ADCN 5 years Boardmember
After 5 years I stepped down as Boardmember of the Art Director Club Netherland. Over the 5 years I worked together with a wide group of people in the Board, each bringing to the table their own craft, experience and entrepreneurial energy. My driving ambition during this time was to open the club up, create a real club house and put the A of Art back on the map with Expos. And of course bring the ADCN to Paradiso. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lode Schaeffer, Sybrig Andriga, Maarten van Huijstee, Joris van Elk, Sicco Beerda, Peter van Leeuwen, Pieter Scheltema, Stephan Gonnissen, Marvin Pupping, Aad Kuijper, Wencke van Amstel, Daniƫlle van Hengst, Minou Adami, Ilse de Vries, Marijke Hopman and of course Bernd Weeke for believing in me.
Brand: ADCN
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